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Welcome to the Tau-Psi Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon's Official Website!

Tau-Psi was founded on April 29th, 2000 giving the 455th charter of Tau Kappa Epsilon to the men of Tau-Psi. TKE has defined itself to aid college men in mental, moral, and social development. Not priding ourselves on rank, wealth or honor but on personal worth and character. Although all brothers do not share the same intrerests and hobbies, we all share the common bond that we took an oath to live by our values of Love, Charity, and Esteem in our everyday life. 

In 2012, the chapter chose to reevaluate its membership and was on the fringe of closing its doors due to a decline in membership and failure of members to meet the standards of the organization. After some intentional internal restructuring and a recommitment to our fraternities mission and values, the men of Tau-Psi return this summer/fall excited to recruit leaders. Freshmen, sophomore, juniors and campus seniors are all welcomed to be a part of this amazing experience.
As we continue to rebrand/rebuild our chapter at UWF, Tau Kappa Epsilon will foster an environment, which will assist our members in enhancing their knowledge, developing skills, clarifying values, and providing service to others. This group of men will be challenged to serve as role models for other campus organizations-setting higher standards for not only the entire Greek community, but also the campus as a whole. 


Please contact us via: 

EMAIL: tke.recruitment.uwf@gmail.com

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tau-Kappa-Epsilon-at-the-University-of-West-Florida/503694862991898 


INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/uwf_tke

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